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Product Care

Jewellery – Please store in the plastic zip bag or gift box provided when not wearing. Store away from direct heat and sunlight as some stones can fade (such as Chinese turquoise and Rose Quartz) and Pearls can dry out with exposure to direct heat. Never spray perfume of hairspray on to jewellery and should be removed before showering!

Baby Gifts – Please wash at 30 degrees and DO NOT tumble dry!


All findings and fittings used in Anita Morar Jewellery are sterling, gold filled or sterling gilt.

Sterling Silver – this will tarnish as it is a natural process caused by oxidation, but it can be polished back up by using a soft polishing cloth.

Gold Filled – these usually consist of a base metal core on to which 12/14K gold has been bonded. Please do not mistake this for gold plate, which is just a thin layer of gold sprayed on to a base metal. This will wear off over time. Gold fill is of a much superior quality than gold plate and is thus more expensive, but it is cheaper than actual 14K gold!

Sterling Gilt – this is sterling silver which has been electroplated with 22/24K gold. This makes it slightly cheaper than gold fill!